Reliance Bank

Reliance Bank aims to “stand out as a bank with a Christian and ethical conscience”. It is a small bank owned by the Salvation Army. It is committed to the same ethics as the Salvation Army but does not have a statement summarising its ethical principles. One of its purposes is to provide income for the Salvation Army, which receives three quarters of its allowable profits to fund its work.

The Reliance Bank says it makes investments “within strict ethical boundaries”. It refuses to handle accounts for companies involved in alcohol, firearms, gambling, the sex industry or international credit transfer. It will not provide accounts to companies based outside the UK. Its accounts are open to people in the UK regardless of religion.

The Reliance Bank offers current accounts, savings accounts, overdrafts, loans and mortgages but does not provide credit cards. Basic banking with the Reliance can be carried out by arrangement through branches of larger banks.