Individual Banks

A number of organisations and websites have conducted ethical assessments of individual banks. We have listed some of the most helpful here.

Your Ethical Money assesses UK banks – and other businesses – on several criteria: green/ethical products, ethical lending or insurance, human rights, financial exclusion, environment, carbon neutrality, equal opportunities and gender balance on the board.

Banktrack contains a wealth of information on the practices and ethics of banks around the world, including in the UK. The information includes each bank’s official policies, the ethically questionable companies it supports (or refuses to support) and who gains from its work.

Ethical Consumer magazine gives each bank a score in five areas: environment, animals, people, politics and product sustainability (the more detailed parts of the analysis are available only to subscribers).

Move Your Money lists ethical problems with mainstream banks and both the pros and cons of the alternatives. It covers issues such as tax avoidance, executive pay, human rights, fossil fuels and deals with oppressive regimes.

Action Aid has researched tax avoidance by UK banks.

War on Want has researched the role of UK banks in funding the arms trade and other aspects of war.