Public Campaigning And Using The Media

You may choose to raise the profile of your engagement by publicising it – for example, though church, NGO or trade union networks or via the media. This can have benefits, most obviously in garnering supporters and helping to persuade institutional investors that they should take up the issue.

You could, for example, write a letter to the financial press, or the local newspaper where the company operates. You may take a more campaigning approach, using news releases or pitching stories to journalists who may be interested in reporting on your actions.

Be careful about what you say and how you say it. Ensure you can support public statements with evidence. Don’t undermine strong arguments by adding weak ones.

In some instances it may be better to raise an issue directly with the company and with a group of investors before going public. If you get constructive answers or a positive dialogue, it may not be necessary to campaign in public. If the response is not helpful you are less likely to encounter criticism if you have given the company or investors time to respond first.