Influencing Your Church’s Investments

Influencing your church’s investments depends on two main factors. Firstly, how are decisions made in your own church? Secondly, are investments held by your local church, the national denomination or a combination of both?

You will probably have some idea how to raise an issue of concern in your own church or with your own minister or priest. However, it will help if you know how and where the investments are held and what ethical policies they are covered by. Below is a brief rundown of the main ways in which churches hold investments in the UK, listed by denomination.

This is only a summary. If you want to go into this in depth, it’s worth checking details with church leaders locally or the finance/investment department nationally.

While most large denominations are listed here, we are aware that there are others than could be included and we aim to add some of these in time. Please feel free to get in touch with further information, particularly about churches not yet listed here. You can reach us at