Usury And The Theology Of Money

Usury – lending money at interest – is central to our economic system. It can come as a shock to realise that it has been condemned by Christians, Jews and Muslims for most of their history. It is one of the sins mentioned most often in the Bible.

Today, the word “usury” is employed in various ways. Many Christians, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby use the word to refer to excessive rates of interest rather than to any interest at all. Others, such as the Christian Council for Monetary Justice, regard all interest as usury and want the Church to revive its rejection of it. Some have broadened out the term to refer to various ways of making money out of money.

Part 1 – Usury In The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Part 2 – Usury In The New Testament

Part 3 – Usury In Christian History

Part 4 – Thinking About Usury

Part 5 – Idolatry